e-Learning @ DUT

What is e-learning at the DUT?

e-Learning is when technology is used to support teaching and learning. What may be considered e-learning can take many forms. A training course that is delivered entirely online; a teacher showing students a video within a lesson; live assessment of student’s work online; students using interactive technology such as social media to work together on a project; students using their tablets to access worksheets and course materials off campus are all manifestations of e-learning.

DUT aspires to be a digital University.  To reach this goal DUT has put in place a Learning Management System called the ThinkLearnZone.  The ThinkLearnZone is a virtual classroom where students are able to access course notes, submit assignments, receive announcements, communicate with their lecturers and classmates, and undertake assessments.  As of 2016 all students will be automatically enrolled into TLZ classrooms.


CELT e-learning staff
 – contact for assistance with the TLZ

e-Learning Faculty Representatives

Faculty of Accounting and Informatics
Ferina Marimuthu 031 373 5646 FerinaS@dut.ac.za
Prinavin Govender 031 373 5553 Prinaving@dut.ac.za

Faculty of Applied Sciences
John Mellem 031 373 6717 johnm@dut.ac.za

Faculty of Arts and Design
Chris de Beer  031 373 6676 Chrisdb@dut.ac.za
Michaella  Cavanagh 031 373 3724 michaellag@dut.ac.za

Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment
Hester Jackson 031 373 2457  hesterj@dut.ac.za
Paulo Da Costa  031 373 2261 costa@dut.ac.za
Tseliso Moahloli  031 373 2043  tsidim@dut.ac.za

Faculty of Health Sciences
Colette Kell 031 373 2393 colettek@dut.ac.za

Faculty of Management Sciences
Nisha Ramlutchman 031 373 6827 NishaR@dut.ac.za


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