ITS to TLZ Integration

Frequently asked Questions: Auto enrolment of students into ThinkLearn Zone (Blackboard) LMS classrooms

  1.  I have a well developed 2017 subject on TLZ.  Will I have to create a new one? No. All subjects on TLZ containing ‘2017’ as part of their descriptor will be migrated to 2018.
  2.  Can a subject that is currently in use be migrated? Yes.
  3.  I want to migrate only some parts of my subject as the module is changing.  Is this possible? In this case, the full subject will be migrated.  You should change it manually after migration.
  4.  What happens to my old TLZ subject from 2017 or earlier?  Students will no longer have access. You will retain ‘Read-Only’ access as Instructor for as long as you want, although you won’t be able to use your subject classroom to teach.   Subjects will be archived and deleted after five years as per audit cycle.
  5.  What if I’m using another Learning Management System? TLZ online classrooms are to contain (at the minimum): Study Guide (see ‘How do I upload my Study Guide‘), Discussion Forum, Online quizzes.  There should also be at least one OER (Open Educational Resource) per online classroom. OERs may be obtained from external sites or locally (DUT) designed and produced. You should also insert a link to your other online subject which is held elsewhere.
  6.  What if a subject is assigned to an incorrect member of staff? The staff member can use his/her Instructor rights to assign the subject to the correct lecturer OR request a change via
  7.  What happens if a subject is created automatically and no lecturer has been assigned to the module on ITS? The subject will be assigned to the Head of Department.
  8.  What if I want to change what is in the subject that was created for me automatically? Instructors have full control over what appears in the subject and there are several options of tools which can be used or hidden.  Sections that do not contain content will appear to the instructor but won’t appear in the students’ classrooms.  Sections can also be created and locked until such time as you wish students to have access to them.  ThinkLearnZone training and support is available from CELT e-Learning
  9.  What about subjects offered for the first time next year? They will be added by ITS.
  10.  What happens to late registering students? They will be automatically enrolled into classrooms once they have been registered, as with students registering at the start of the year.
  11.  What happens to students who are not yet registered but are receiving instruction? Second year students will still gain entry to the system.  First year students who are not identified on the DUT database as registered students will not be automatically enrolled.
  12.  What if a student changes subjects/programmes mid-year? When the students’ registration details change, they will be automatically enrolled in their new subject and automatically removed from their previous course. Their access to subject classrooms is determined by the subjects they are registered for.
  13.  What if there are two subject codes for one subject classroom? This can be accommodated but, as it may cause problems with automatic assessment and the assigning of grades, it should be avoided if possible.
  14.  What about subjects repeated in the second semester? Semester subjects will get separate subject classrooms (this is so that grades for students who are repeating their subject in the second semester are clearly assigned). But these won’t be created until later in 2018.
  15.  Can students be grouped within a particular subject/course classroom? Yes, if they have an identifying feature.  For example, it will be possible to group those students who are coming from a particular faculty or programme.
  16.  Can prospective students take a look at study materials on ThinkLearnZone? This is not currently possible.
  17.  What will happen to the 2018 classrooms in 2019? These will be migrated forward to become 2019 classrooms.
  18. How do I upload my Study Guide?  A “how-to” guide is available here.
  19. Does DUT have an e-Learning Policy?  Yes, this can be found on the Staff Portal under ‘DUT Approved Policies’ Academic.


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