FAQ Staff

How do I access TLZ?

Use the following link: https://thinklearnzone.dut.ac.za/.

How do I log in as a staff member?

To log in as a staff member, please use your staff number as your username and  learn9 as your default password. Remember to change the default password to a password only known by you, for security purposes.

What is my username?

Your username is your 8 digit staff number, found on your staff card.

What is my password?

Your default password is learn9 ( Lowercase ).

My courses are not showing

Please ensure you have requested a course to be created using the link below:
TLZ classroom request
If the  created courses are still not showing, please contact the e-Learning team at tlzsupport@dut.ac.za.

How do I batch enroll my students on Blackboard?

Transpose your data into Excel and save the transposed data into a .CSV format.
To learn how to transpose your data, please follow the steps in the guide listed below:

How to do a Transpose in Excel

You can also watch the video below on  “How to transpose”.
How to transpose ( Video )

After your data has been transposed, please follow the steps in the guide below.
Batch enrollment guide

How do I change or update my email address on TLZ?

please click here.


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